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“I worked with Pam to find the perfect puppy for me. I picked up Sami (Rusty and Greta Dec 2017) in Feb 2018, a playful smart boy! At 18 months he is still playful, but also a fully trained and certified Service dog! He is in excellent health, sheds minimally. His demeanor is so loving and adaptable. He is my joy! Pam does what she does out of passion, it shows in her puppies!”


“I am now hooked on doodles. Pam and David are absolutely amazing and so helpful. The puppies are the cutest and sweetest little things. It is so nice to sit and snuggle with our Max and get up with next to no fur on me, and he is so smart. This has been the easiest house training experience EVER, and he is super great my toddler. I highly recommend Hummingbird Hill Farm if you want to add a sweet dood to your family!”


“We just love our puppies that we got from Hummingbird Hill Farm !!! We went to check out 1 puppy but his brother decided to chose me as his human so we ended up getting both.. The best decision I ever made !! They are 2 years old now.. Pam was amazing ! My son has a severe dog allergy and she let us spend time with each puppy in our van to make sure he wouldn’t have any reaction.. They are the smartest, healthiest puppies. The farm was beautiful. Pam was always a phone call away with my millions of questions and concerns.. I would highly recommend Hummingbird Hill Farm !! Biscuit & Bandit would too !!”


“We are forever thankful for Hummingbird Hill Farms for our two doodles! Fenway & Emmie are our beautiful babies & we don’t know what we would do without them! Pam was fantastic & made the process so smooth, both times! Fenway turned 5 in March & Emmie turns 2 in October!”


“I had been searching for Goldendoodle for quite some time. I came across Hummingbird Hill Farm by sheer luck one day. The sweetest little boy was still available – I put a deposit down on him that sames day. That one impulse buy changed my life completely! I now have two goldendoodles from Hummingbird Hill. Pam is great to work with and the process is very smooth and easy. The dogs have wonderful temperaments and are the sweetest and most lovable dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Even my local trainer commented on the temperament of my oldest and said the breeder did an excellent job!”


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