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Wow, even things have changed on the farm with social distancing and all the other related Covid-19 changes to everyone’s lives. (The Goldendoodles, Miniature Poodles and Standard Poodles are all still happy and enjoying the warmer weather. Social distancing is not in their vocabulary !) We have tried to limit visitors as much as possible. We no longer shake your hand when you come or hug you when you pick up your puppy. Weather permitting, we are even doing pick ups outside instead of instead of in our home.

I have been off for going on 3 weeks now and it has allowed me to keep our listing of Goldendoodle puppies and Standard Poodle puppies (Moyen) up to date. Our Upcoming Puppies page is also up to date with two litters of Miniature Poodle puppies due later this month.

You actually might notice a lot of upcoming litters of Goldendoodle pups and Miniature Poodle pups arriving in the near future. This is because of the “dormitory effect”. When female dogs are housed together, they will soon tend to cycle together. (Women who have lived in a college dorm know what I am referring to ! LOL !). This means for us, that about twice a year we are overwhelmed with puppies and then other times just a litter every now and then. We are about to hit upon one of those busy times !

Share your love of Goldendoodle dogs and Poodles with all your friends and neighbors (from a distance of course) !! Post on the Facebook page, Hummingbird Doods and Instagram (humhillgoldendoodles) ! Post reviews and help us spread the word !! Hummingbird Hill Farm pups are amazing !

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