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We are very fortunate to offer our owners access to a really wonderful trainer !  Steve Fields has been training dogs for over 40 years.  He has experience in a wide range of expertise from service dogs to drug sniffing dogs.  If you want to hear about Steve from our owners, go on the Facebook page, Hummingbird Doods, and just ask!

If you chose for your puppy to go to the trainer, we take the  puppy to him when he/she is  8 weeks old directly from our farm.  Prior to leaving for the 30 days at the trainer, we take them to our vet for a puppy exam.  This visit releases you from the  requirement in our Purchase Agreement that the puppy goes to the vet within 5 business days (Terms and Conditions, item #2).  The puppy also receives its 9 week vaccination while at the trainer’s.

There are two options for puppy training:

  1. $500 ~ This includes crate/house training and walking on a loose leash (Manners).  This plan allows for you to take one private training session with your puppy before you take the puppy home.
  2. $1000 ~ Includes the training mentioned above plus basic obedience (no jumping, sit, stay, etc)  This plan allows for you to take 2 training sessions.  The first one when you pick up your puppy to go home and then another a few weeks later.  It is very important to attend the second session so that you learn about everything your puppy already knows! Otherwise, your puppy is going to know more than you are aware of! If you decide NOT to return for the 2nd session, it is imperative that you discuss this with Steve at the initial session.  He needs to know if you do not plan to return for the second session

The puppy must have a name before going to training !

When you pick up your puppy from Steve, he will have your puppy’s gift bag, health records and registration application.

Hopefully, this will help clarify how the training program works !



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