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We are often asked which is better, male or female.  We posed that question to our vet and this was her response:  In some of the more aggressive breeds, male vs female is a real consideration.  In Goldendoodles, it is generally not a real concern.

It seems to be personal  preference.  Many people think females are easier to house train.  We have even heard people say that males will not completely empty their bladder and then come in the house and mark.  Leaving a dog in tack can definitely cause marking.  Neutering before the testosterone starts kicking in seems to  stop the marking syndrome.  From experience, we will never have an unneutered male in our house again.

Currently, we have in our home a neutered male Standard Poodle, and two females.  One female is a moyen Poodle and the other a Goldendoodle.  All three are faithful to their people and totally in love with us.    Personality seems to be the same in females and males.

There is a lot of opinions on the internet but it still end up being a personal preference.  Happy, friendly, smart, and people-orientated are all trademarks of Goldendoodles regardless of sex.


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