Updated: 11/18/2019



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E.g. genetic test results

Louie (Min. Poodle)
Clear VwD & PRA
Teddy (F1 Goldendoodle)
PennHip 90%
Patella Good
Rusty (Std. Poodle)
DI 0.42
Clear by parentage: SA, vWD, & PRA
Oliver (Moyen Poodle)
DI 0.41
Clear vWD & PRA
Louie (Min. Poodle)
Junior (F1b Goldendoodle)
PennHip 90%
JP (Min. Poodle)
OFA Good
Hips & Patella clear
Casey (F1 Goldendoodle)
DI 0.64
Clear vWB, PRA,& DM
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